March 2019

February 2019

  • We have published our first research article on the environmental fate of dsRNA pesticides from agricultural biotechnology. This study advances our understanding of the fate of these novel pesticides by separately characterizing adsorption and degradation of dsRNA in soils. This article (the first of many!) is available open-access here.
  • Coverage of our paper:

January 2019

  • Stephen Sharkey and Moshan Chen officially join the us to work on their PhDs! Welcome, Stephen and Moshan!
  • Matthew LaMacchia joins us to work on an independent study under guidance of Moshan. Welcome, Matthew!

November 2018

  • Dr. Parker gave invited seminars at Missouri S&T (Rolla, MO) and Virginia Tech (Blacksburg, VA) and had great meetings with faculty and students at both universities.

August 2018

  • We have published a Critical Review on “Halogen Radical Oxidants in Natural and Engineered Aquatic Systems”. Congrats to first-author Ke Zhang! This article provided mechanistic and quantitative analysis of halogen radical formation, generation and reactivity and aims to be informative and useful for new & established researchers in this field (link to full text).

July 2018

Summer research is in full swing in our (almost) completely equipped lab. Ke has set up a designated lab room for molecular biology experiments that houses several small pieces of equipment. We now have our solar simulator (for photochemical experiments) and laboratory oven (to heat up to 600 deg. C).

  • Dr. Parker presented a poster at the Gordon Research Conference Environmental Sciences: Water.
  • A (long-awaited!) review article led by Dr. Kara Nelson (UC Berkeley), and co-authored by Dr. Parker and several colleagues in the US and abroad, has been accepted at ESPI. The study “Sunlight-mediated inactivation of health-relevant microorganisms in water: A review of mechanisms and modeling approaches” presents an extensive analysis of photoinactivation mechanisms and how their importance can be modeled in environmental systems.
  • We are collecting data with our own analytical lab! We have two Agilent 1260 HPLCs, one with diode array detection (right) and one with an Agilent 6470 QQQ MS (left).


May 2018

  • Ke passed his qualifying exams. Congrats Ke!
  • Ms. Aditi Sharma (IIT Gandhinagar) joins our group as a Summer Research Intern. Welcome Aditi!
  • We received a 1-year grant from InCEES. This project is in collaboration with Drs. Dan Giammar (EECE) and Jeff Catalano (EPS).
  • Our instruments have arrived and have taken over the lab.


April 2018

  • Lab set up begins! First to arrive: our refrigerator and freezers.



March 2018

  • Dr. Parker presented three talks at ACS New Orleans, including one in the Great Achievements in Environmental Science & Technology session.

January 2018

  • Mr. Ke Zhang joins our group as a PhD student. Welcome Ke!
  • Mr. Michael Shen (EECE MS student) and Mr. Carter Rholl (EECE BS student) join our group to complete independent study projects. Welcome Michael and Carter!

October 2017

September 2017

  • We received a 4-year grant from the USDA. Read the WUSTL Engineering news story here!
    We will be recruiting prospective students for the project (among other projects in our group). Please see for information about how to apply to our program, or contact Dr. Parker with a CV and a statement of interest.

June 2017

April 2017

  • Dr. Parker’s article is selected as Environmental Science & Technology’s Best Science Paper of 2016 (link).

Article citation:
Parker KM, Reichwaldt E, Ghadouani A, Mitch WA. Halogen Radicals Promote the Photodegradation of Microcystins in Estuarine Systems. Environmental Science & Technology, 2016, 50 (16), 8505-8513. (Full text)