August 2022

  • Our work with high school teacher David Ganey is covered in a news story.
  • Jackie Rogers receives a Best Student Presentation award for her talk in the ACS Disinfection By-Products Symposium.
  • Stephen Sharkey’s presentation at ACS is covered by C&EN news. Read the article here.
  • The group gives another great set of presentations at ACS Chicago. We gave a total of 8 talks and 3 posters. Dr. Parker delivered one of the talks as an invited speaker in a session highlighting the work of early career scientists in environmental chemistry.

July 2022

June 2022

  • Ke Zhang successfully defends his PhD dissertation. Congrats Ke! Great job!
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  • Dr. Parker receives the Excellence in Review Award from the journal Environmental Science & Technology. Learn more here. 
  • Dr. Parker, Moshan, and Ke attend the Gordon Research Conference Environmental Science: Water. Dr. Parker delivered an invited plenary talk at the conference, while Ke presented an invited talk at the Gordon Research Seminar.
  • The group has a fantastic showing (4 talks and 2 posters) at the Association of Environmental Engineering & Science Professors hosted by Washington University in St. Louis.
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  • David Ganey of Maplewood Richmond Heights High School joins us for a Summer Teacher-Researcher Partnership facilitated by the Institute for School Partnership and supported by our NSF CAREER award. Learn more here. 
  • Anamika Chatterjee travels to Washington DC as an AGU Local Science Partner.

May 2022

  • Moshan Chen publishes a co-author paper with the Snow Lab at Louisiana State University. Congrats to all the authors! You can read it here!

April 2022

  • Our group is well-recognized at the McKelvey School of Engineering awards ceremony:
    • PhD student Stephen Sharkey is awarded the P. Ramachandran Graduate Scholar Award for excellence in research and teaching.
    • MS student Wentao Dai is awarded the Outstanding Dual Degree Student Award for academic excellence.
    • Dr. Parker is awarded the EECE Chair’s Award for Outstanding Teaching.

March 2022

  • Jackie, Anna, and Dr. Parker spend a Saturday volunteering with Catalysts 4 Change (our third year of participating!) We worked on hands-on activities related to engineering with around 60 high school girls from the St. Louis area.

February 2022

  • Anamika Chatterjee publishes her paper on metal-catalyzed RNA hydrolysis in Environmental Science & Technology.  Group members Ke Zhang and Yue Rao (our former rotation student) are co-authors. You can read it here! Congrats to Anamika and her co-authors!

January 2022

  • Anamika is awarded an ACS ENVR Graduate Student Award. Congrats Anamika!

December 2021

  • Welcome to Anna Hartig, who joins our group as a PhD student.

November 2021

  • Welcome to our new rotation students Anna Hartig and Kaichao  Yang.
  • Stephen Sharkey publishes his feature article on herbicide drift in Environmental Science & Technology. You can read it here!
    • WUSTL feature: Dec 15, 2021 (link)

October 2021

  • Moshan Chen publishes a co-author paper with the He lab (EECE, WUSTL). Congrats to all the authors! You can read it here!
  • Dr. Parker presents an invited seminar at Cornell University.

September 2021

  • Welcome to our new independent study student Wentao Dai and rotation student Hakyung Lee.
  • Dr. Parker gives a keynote lecture at the Emerging Contaminants conference.
  • Jackie and Moshan present at the Mid-American Environmental Engineering Conference, while Kun-Pu volunteered as a conference organizer.

August 2021

  • The Parker lab gives several virtual and in person talks at ACS Atlanta:
    • Ke – 2 talks (AGRO, GEOC) on RNA detection and degradation.
    • Anamika – 1 AGRO talk on RNA degradation.
    • Moshan – 1 ENVR talk on oxidation pathways.
    • Stephen – 1 AGRO talk on herbicide formulations.
    • Dr. Parker – 2 talks (ENVR, AGRO) on agricultural biotechnology.
    • Anamika, Stephen, and Ke all are supported by AGRO student travel awards ( Ke also received a GEOC travel award, which was declined due to its redundancy.

July 2021

  • We receive funding from the US EPA with our collaborator Dr. Moon (PI).
  • We participate in the AEESP virtual appetizer event.  Dr. Parker serves as a panelist on the NSF CAREER award workshop.
  • Dr. Parker participates in a 2-day virtual EPA workshop on biotechnology risk assessment.
  • Group BBQ (following WUSTL COVID policy)!

IMG_4841   IMG_4849

June 2021

  • Dr. Parker presents to the US EPA biopesticide division on our work on RNAi biopesticides.
  • Ke Zhang publishes his paper on RNA hydrolysis in Environmental Science & Technology.  Group members Joe Hodge and Anamika Chatterjee are co-authors. You can read it here! Congrats to Ke and his co-authors!
    • News coverage: here
  • Dr. Parker is recognized as an Outstanding Reviewer by Environmental Science: Processes & Impacts.  This is the 2nd recognition, following another in 2019.
  • Welcome to our summer research students: Anna Hartig, Megan Ross, and Shane Persaud!
  • Kun-Pu Ho and Jackie Rogers join our group as PhD students! Welcome to both! Best wishes to all rising second PhD students, especially our former rotation student Yue Rao!

May 2021

  • Dr. Parker receives an NSF CAREER Award.
  • Dr. Parker gives a talk at the US Department of Agriculture on the group’s work on RNAi pesticides.
  • Several current and former group members graduate, including Carter Rholl, Adam Stein, and Matthew LaMacchia! Congrats to the graduates!

April 2021

March 2021

  • Stephen Sharkey passes his thesis proposal defense. Congrats Stephen!
  • Kathi Sodnikar (ETH Zurich) published her paper on RNA adsorption to mineral surfaces. Dr. Parker is a co-author on the study. You can read it here. Congrats Kathi!

February 2021

  • Moshan Chen passes his thesis proposal defense. Congrats Moshan!
  • Moshan is awarded an ACS ENVR Graduate Student Award. Congrats Moshan!

January 2021

  • Jonathan Graham joins our group as an independent study student. Welcome!
  • Moshan Chen’s research article on halogenation mechanisms in hydraulic fracturing fluids was published in Environmental Science & Technology. Past and present undergraduate students including Carter, Tianchen, and Aditi are co-authors. You can read it here. Congrats to Moshan et al.!
  • Dr. Parker joined the inaugural Early Career Editorial Advisory Board at Environmental Science &  Technology. An editorial announcement is available here along with interviews by Dr. Parker and her colleagues.

December 2020

  • Our work was featured in a publication at Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA (PNAS).

October 2020

  • Stephen Sharkey’s research article on dicamba volatilization mechanisms was published in Environmental Science & Technology.  Our undergraduate student Adam was also a co-author. You can read it here. Congrats Stephen and Adam!
  • Anamika was awarded Best Presentation at the 2020 Mid-American Environmental Engineering Conference. She shared this award with Albern, another WashU student. Congrats Anamika!

September 2020

  • Jackie Rogers and Kun Pu Ho join our group as first-year PhD students for fall independent study. Carter Rholl returns as an independent study student for his Masters. We miss all our students who were not able to return to in person lab work & hope all current and former Parker lab members are well!

August 2020

  • Ke, Moshan, and Stephen present their work at the virtual American Chemical Society Conference.
  • Dr. Parker receives funding from the National Science Foundation for a collaborative project with Drs. Thimsen (PI) and Foston. Learn more here.

June 2020

  • Anamika was selected to represent the state of Missouri at the AGU Congressional Advocacy Day. Congrats Anamika!
  • We have reopened the lab! Thank you everyone for your hard work making the lab a safe and productive place to work!

lab pic 2020

May 2020

  • Moshan’s research grant was funded by the US Geological Survey. Congrats Moshan!
  • Dr. Parker presented a virtual conference at Stanford University. It was great to see old friends!

April 2020

  • Ke Zhang’s research article on dsRNA quantification in soils was published in Environmental Science & Technology. You can read it here. Congrats Ke!
  • Joe Hodge was accepted into the joint MBA program at the WUSTL Olin Business School. He will be supported by a Dean’s Scholarship. Congrats Joe!
  • Stephen was awarded the EECE teaching award for excellence in teaching undergraduate courses. He was highly evaluated by the students he taught under the guidance of Dr. Trent Silbaugh (EECE). Congrats Stephen!

March 2020

  • Dr. Parker presented an invited seminar at University of Iowa. Thanks to former Stanford benchmate Greg LeFevre for the invitation!

February 2020

  • PhD student Anamika Chatterjee and EECE colleague Maryssa Loehr (PhD student, Turner lab), along with Dr. Parker led an environmental engineering module for high school girls in the St. Louis area through Catalysts for Change. The EECE Department provided generous support.

January 2020

  • PhD student Anamika Chatterjee published a science policy article. Congrats, Anamika. Read it here.

December 2019

  • Holiday dinner at Dr. Parker’s home!

November 2019

  • Ke Zhang passes his thesis proposal defense. Congrats Ke!

October 2019

  • Ke Zhang, Moshan Chen, and Joe Hodge joined the Mid-American Environmental Engineering Conference. Ke presented a talk. Moshan and Joe presented posters.
  • Dr. Parker presented an invited seminar at Johns Hopkins University.
  • Dr. Parker presented an invited seminar at University of Delaware.

August 2019

  • Anamika Chatterjee officially joins the us to work on her PhD! Welcome, Anamika!
  • Dr. Parker presented an invited talk at the American Chemical Society National Meeting in San Diego.

June 2019

  • We have been awarded a grant from the American Chemical Society! More information can be found here.

May 2019

  • Carter presented his work at AEESP in Tempe AZ. We appreciate support from the  WUSTL Undergraduate Travel Award!


  • The group celebrates the end of Spring semester 2019 with a dinner out!


  • Carter is awarded an Undergraduate Travel Award to present at AEESP. Congrats Carter!

April 2019

  • Dr. Parker presents a talk at ACS Orlando 2019. She also visited our sister institution, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

March 2019


February 2019

  • We have published our first research article on the environmental fate of dsRNA pesticides from agricultural biotechnology. This study advances our understanding of the fate of these novel pesticides by separately characterizing adsorption and degradation of dsRNA in soils. This article (the first of many!) is available open-access here.
  • Coverage of our paper:

January 2019

  • Stephen Sharkey and Moshan Chen officially join the us to work on their PhDs! Welcome, Stephen and Moshan!
  • Matthew LaMacchia joins us to work on an independent study under guidance of Moshan. Welcome, Matthew!

November 2018

  • Dr. Parker gave invited seminars at Missouri S&T (Rolla, MO) and Virginia Tech (Blacksburg, VA) and had great meetings with faculty and students at both universities.

August 2018

  • We have published a Critical Review on “Halogen Radical Oxidants in Natural and Engineered Aquatic Systems”. Congrats to first-author Ke Zhang! This article provided mechanistic and quantitative analysis of halogen radical formation, generation and reactivity and aims to be informative and useful for new & established researchers in this field (link to full text).

June 2018

  • Dr. Parker presented a poster at the Gordon Research Conference Environmental Sciences: Water.
  • A (long-awaited!) review article led by Dr. Kara Nelson (UC Berkeley), and co-authored by Dr. Parker and several colleagues in the US and abroad, has been accepted at ESPI. The study “Sunlight-mediated inactivation of health-relevant microorganisms in water: A review of mechanisms and modeling approaches” presents an extensive analysis of photoinactivation mechanisms and how their importance can be modeled in environmental systems.
  • We are collecting data with our own analytical lab! We have two Agilent 1260 HPLCs, one with diode array detection (right) and one with an Agilent 6470 QQQ MS (left).
Chemical Analysis lab

May 2018

  • Ke passed his qualifying exams. Congrats Ke!
  • Ms. Aditi Sharma (IIT Gandhinagar) joins our group as a Summer Research Intern. Welcome Aditi!
  • We received a 1-year grant from InCEES. This project is in collaboration with Drs. Dan Giammar (EECE) and Jeff Catalano (EPS).
  • Our instruments have arrived and have taken over the lab.


April 2018

  • Lab set up begins! First to arrive: our refrigerator and freezers.

March 2018

  • Dr. Parker presented three talks at ACS New Orleans, including one in the Great Achievements in Environmental Science & Technology session.

January 2018

  • Mr. Ke Zhang joins our group as a PhD student. Welcome Ke!
  • Mr. Michael Shen (EECE MS student) and Mr. Carter Rholl (EECE BS student) join our group to complete independent study projects. Welcome Michael and Carter!

October 2017

September 2017

  • We received a 4-year grant from the USDA. Read the WUSTL Engineering news story here!
    We will be recruiting prospective students for the project (among other projects in our group). Please see for information about how to apply to our program, or contact Dr. Parker with a CV and a statement of interest.

June 2017

April 2017

  • Dr. Parker’s article is selected as Environmental Science & Technology’s Best Science Paper of 2016 (link).

Article citation:
Parker KM, Reichwaldt E, Ghadouani A, Mitch WA. Halogen Radicals Promote the Photodegradation of Microcystins in Estuarine Systems. Environmental Science & Technology, 2016, 50 (16), 8505-8513. (Full text)

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