Professor Parker’s research group is advancing the state of the science in engineering and chemistry to address emerging environmental challenges. The group’s ultimate goal is to predict contaminant behavior in environmental systems and to optimize strategies to minimize the risk posed by these contaminants to human and ecosystem health.

Several of our current research projects are redefining the scope of environmental chemistry and engineering to enable the safe and sustainable use of next-generation biotechnology products. We also apply our expertise in complex reaction pathways to develop new approaches to treat contaminants in water. We use both chemistry and molecular biology techniques to work in these highly interdisciplinary research areas.

More information can be found in our papers listed in Publications.

Active research topics in our group include:

  • Fate of emerging biotechnology-enabled RNAi biopesticides in the environment (an archived page with additional details is available here).
  • Environmental impact of herbicides used on herbicide tolerant genetically engineered crops.
  • Control of genetically engineered organisms in the environment.
  • Advanced treatment technologies for contaminated water.

Previously our group has contributed to research areas including:

  • Role of halogen radicals and other reactive species in saline water (an archived page with additional details is available here).
  • Chemical pollution associated with hydraulic fracturing operations.

Some of our Facilities

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